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City of Arlington, Texas

Jimmie Marks, IT Project Manager

e-PlanSoft was chosen as the best value - based on functionality, price, prior experience, implementation, and support!

Kern County Planning Department, Kern County, CA

Aaron Nance, Technology Services Supervisor

...The e-PlanSoft staff and support are top notch and super responsive, and the integration with Accela's existing workflow and document system is a wonder.

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Collaboration is made easier and more secure with flexible permissions and concurrent plan review.

Ensure that you’re always working on the newest version and that all comments and markups carry forward, while still retaining read-only access to earlier iterations for review.

Access the most common and enhanced tool features including markup and secure stamping tools with a single click with the streamlined markup toolbar.

Document Versioning

Enhanced Markup Tools

Cloud-based electronic document review software that assists governmental agencies, construction industry, manufacturing, and owners for their compliance review, design review, construction, and asset review process in real-time.

Electronic Plan Review

Searchable Comment Library

Build your own comment library or use code to search for your comments.


Shared Licences

Provide comment access to project owners, architects, engineers or other parties of interest to view and/or reply to comments for selected projects.

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Management Software

Just a few of our government users...

Solutions That Serve

Code Compliance REVIEW

Reduce permitting department walk-ins and eliminate multiple copies and storage issues


With cloud-based review processes, your modernized approval workflow can propel your projects forward to successful completion.

Design/Constructionability REVIEW

Utilize the most effective software for identifying and preventing constructability problems for your projects.

Shop Drawing REVIEW

Keep track of submittals by collaborating from anywhere

Value Engineering REVIEW

Promote systematically organized and cost-effective approaches by investing in a proven solution.

Construction Inspection

Stay on top of your agencies or even project inspections for fire, building, zoning, and contract specifics via the cloud.

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Open API

Our easy to connect open API allows us to connect with other software you use to allow for streamlined bi-directional workflows and reports.